Monk quiet on Jack talk

By Graham Hill

BIRMINGHAM manager Garry Monk has refused to bite on suggestions that Jack Grealish goes down too easily during games.

Grealish is back in action for Villa after a three-month injury lay off and has been made captain by boss Dean Smith.

Monk will clearly have a plan to try and keep Grealish quiet during Sunday’s derby clash at St Andrew’s.

But the Blues boss is shrewd enough not to reveal his strategy ahead of the game.

And he would not comment on talk of Grealish being a player who ‘dives’ during games.

But he conceded Villa’s attack is the ‘best in the league’ on paper.

Monk told reporters: “I don’t care about any of that, it’ll what it’ll be.

“I’m not concerned about any of their players, it’s not my responsibility to worry about if a player is diving or falling over too much.

“My concern is my players, that’s all I have to focus on.

“Of course we need to understand we’re playing against a very good team. On paper offensively the best players in the league but my focus is on my players.

“We’re fair, we are competitive, we always have been. If you look at our record, we just compete and you should be allowed to compete.

“And Aston Villa will compete just as hard as we will I don’t see any problems with that, there were no problems with that in the first game. We will be focused on ourselves and try and deliver the performance we want.”

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