Hendrie: Players need protection

Horrified Lee says game would have had to be called off if Grealish had suffered a serious injury as result of sickening St Andrew’s attack during derby clash

By Graham Hill

FORMER Villa midfielder Lee Hendrie reckons Jack Grealish was a ‘lucky man’ after his St Andrew’s assault.

Grealish was attacked by a pitch invader who slapped him around the head after approaching the Villa captain from behind in the early stages of Sunday’s Blues derby.

The Villa star had the last laugh as he scored the only goal of the game to make sure Dean Smith’s side took all three points.

But a clearly angry Hendrie, working as a pundit for Sky Sports, said that anything could have happened to Grealish.

Hendrie said: “Jack’s a lucky man, he could’ve had anything, there’s knife crime out there.

Photo by Fabricio Trujillo on Pexels.com

“Anything could’ve happened, we’re talking about protection, professional footballers out there trying to play football.

“Do you expect that to happen? Never.”

Hendrie said a points deduction would not to too harsh a punishment for Blues.

He added: “They’ve got to make a benchmark. Do we see this in the English game? No we don’t. Something has got to be done, amends have to be made.

“Jack could’ve have had his jaw broken, if that had happened the game would have to be abandoned.

“What do they put in place for this? There’s got to be a hefty fine, maybe even a points deduction.”


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