Jack stats show he is key man

By Graham Hill

IN among all the controversy at St Andrew’s on Sunday, a few statistics probably went under the radar.

Sky Sports produced some figures before the game which confirm Jack Grealish’s importance to the Villa team.

And they will be even more impressive now – but they are still well worth a look though.

WITH Grealish, Villa’s win rate is 41 per cent, without him it is only 15 per cent.

Goals scored per game, WITH Grealish 2.1, without him 1.2.

Passes per game, WITH the Villa skipper 449, without, 417

Chances created, WITH Grealish 12.2, without him 9.9

Those figures do not lie, but the harsh truth is that Grealish is going to have to be a match winner in virtually every game between now and the end of the season.

The positives are that Grealish is getting fitter and stronger every time he plays after a three nonth injury lay-off.

The negative is that he is unlikely to lose his tag of being the Championship’s most fouled player anytime soon.

Grealish is likely to be targeted by opposition players from now until May – but if he can come through the heaven and hell of St Andrew’s he should now be ready for anything.

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