Hause is hungry like the Wolves

By Graham Hill

KORTNEY HAUSE says he wants to win promotion to the Premier League for the second season running – but without warming the bench.

Hause, 23,was part of the Wolves team that dominated the Championship last year.

But he only appeared in one league game and has been out of the picture at Molineux this term.

He arrived at Villa Park in January and has quickly become a fans’ favourite with boss Dean Smith short on numbers at the back.

But he says watching his Wolves team-mates win promotion has given him a taste of what he could achieve at Villa.

And he says he feels part of what is going on around him this time.

Hause told reporters: “This more fulfilling, definitely. To be playing in a team actually pushing for promotion is way better than sitting on the bench like last season.
“But I did learn just from watching other players at Wolves succeeding with promotion – and that’s made me hungry.
“I want that as well and to do the same at Villa.

:Hopefully we can carry on after the international break and really put our foot on the gas and give it a really good go.”
Hause admits he is unhappy if he is not playing a meaningful role on the pitch.

Smith has switched him to centre half alongside Tyrone Mings – rather than playing left-back.

And Villa’s defence has conceded only one goal in three games with Hause in the centre of defence.
Hause added: “Me personally as a player, I want to play. If I’m not playing, I’m not going to be the happiest but you also have to respect the players that are playing.
“But I still want the players to do well. They’re my team-mates, my friends and if they win, I win. I do get a pleasure out of that.
“But most certainly being a player and going out there and contributing in front of the fans, you want to do that.”

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