Grealish: Injured? Or red herring?

COMMENT By Graham Hill

SHOULD we be worried about the latest online photo of Jack Grealish?

Or is it one large red herring?

Grealish has got Villa fans worried by posting a photo of himself and former Villa striker Juan Pablo Angel at Bodymoor Heath.

Angel is making an appearance at Villa Park as a guest for the match with Blackburn.

It is a key game with Villa looking for a fifth successive win to maintain their play-off push.

But Grealish is pictured on Twitter with a bandaged leg.

The Villa skipper is apparently fit again after a three-month lay-off due to a shin problem.

But his presence over the past four games has reignited Villa’s season.

However, any hint of him being absent against Blackburn has got supporters worried.

But it is worth remembering that it was only a couple of days ago that Grealish posted how well training had gone during the international break when he stayed at home after being ignored by England boss Gareth Southgate.

Boss Dean Smith has given no indication that Grealish has been struggling ahead of the Rovers game.

And if he was, do you really think he would be alerting the opposition on social media.

My guess is the bandage is a precautionary measure – or even a little bit of fun designed to make the opposition second guess Villa’s starting line up.

I stand to be proved wrong but I’d like to think fans’ fears will be calmed when the team is announced at 2pm.

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