Palmer ‘karma’ is backing Bruce

By Graham Hill

IF you have any doubts that Steve Bruce has Sheffield Wednesday fans backing him all the way right now, you only have to take a look at Carlton Palmer’s Twitter account

The ex-West Brom and Owls star posted: ‘Come on you mighty Owls, I have always believed in karma, the smart money goes on the draw but I believe we beat them 1-0 man of the moment Fletcher to score, game on’.

That gives you some idea of Villa are being viewed in South Yorkshire.

Bruce launched a fierce defence of his Villa Park reign ahead of the Hillsborough meeting with his former team.

And he has certainly got the Wednesday faithful labelling Villa fans as the bad guys in all of this.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to Bruce.

Without doubt, the media like him. He generally treats them well and gives them the headlines they want.

And believe me, a manager who does that can add on an extra six months to his spell at a club even if things are not going to plan.

The media thrive on good quotes and angles. Bruce provides those in spades, along with a few off the record ‘steers’.

The Sheffield media will now be getting the same treatment. A few journalists will try to disturb the arrangement but that does not go down well.

Bruce is a decent guy – but a proud man too. He would not have taken kindly to the criticisms of Villa fans earlier in the season.

But the supporters are the one thing you cannot control when things are going badly on the field.

They are not interested in a headline grabbing quote.

All they wasn’t are results and if they do not like what they see, then they will make their opinions known.

The cabbage? That was a step too far and ridiculed a manager who has a promotion record in the Championship that cannot be argued with.Bruce’s quotes this week show he is still angry at what happened to him at Villa – and Dean Smith’s side may have to pay the price.

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