Villa boss: My father has dementia

By Phil Jennings

ASTON Villa boss Dean Smith has spoken of the fact that his father is suffering from dementia.

In an interview with Henry Winter in today’s Times, Smith explains that his dad Ron is in a home and does not even know that his son now manages Villa.

Smith told the newspaper: “My dad has dementia. He’s been in a home the last three years.

“I went to see him on Friday. He doesn’t know who I am. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know I’m Villa manager.”

Smith says the signs were there 10 years ago when he and his dad went to the pub.

He added: “I took him to the pub one night, we had a pint and I said ‘Do you want another?’.

“‘Yes, he said, I’m just going to the toilet.”

But he disappeared after that and Smith said: “I said, ‘Dad, you left me in the pub. That’s when I realised something’s not right. So I talked Mum into getting him an appointment, it was the early signs of dementia.”

Smith says that his father would enjoy what he has achieved in taking the Villa job.

He added: “Dad would be amazed and very proud.

“My Dad’s dad was a Villa fan and my Dad was brought up in Aston., he was a toolmaker, worked in a factory all his life. He was a steward at Villa and loved the club.”

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