Ex-Ref: It’s time to ban Bamford

By Graham Hill

EX-REFEREE Mark Halsey has called for Leeds striker Patrick Bamford to be hit with a two-game ban for getting Villa’s Anwar El Ghazi sent off.

Halsey, writing in his column for The Sun, says Bamford should be disgusted with himself for conning the match officials in the controversial clash at Elland Road.

Bamford went down clutching his face after an exchange with El Ghazi.

That came after Leeds had scored when Villa were expecting them to put the ball out as Jonathan Kodjia was injured.

In the scuffles that followed, Bamford went down as if he had been struck in the face by El Ghazi who was dimissed following the assistant ref’s conversation with match ref Stuart Atwell.

As it stands, El Ghazi get a three-match ban which would rule him out of both legs of a likely play-offs semi-final with West Brom.

But Halsey says it should be the other way around, with Villa confident their players’s red card will be overturned

Halsey says El Ghazi’s dismissal will surely be rescinded.

Although he does admit that both clubs are almost certain to be charged by the FA with failing to control their players.

Here is his Sun column.

PATRICK BAMFORD should be disgusted with his actions – and the FA should hit him with a two-match ban.

“The FA panel should view this incident and charge Bamford for deceiving a match official for getting Anwar El Ghazi sent off

“El Ghazi made no contact at all with Bamford — there is no doubt Aston Villa will appeal their winger’s red card and it should be rescinded.

“If Leeds forward Bamford is charged and found guilty, he will be given a two-match ban.

“Bamford’s actions were embarrassing. It is appalling to throw yourself to ground clutching your face to get a fellow professional sent off.

“I can understand Villa’s frustrations but I believe both clubs will be charged for failing to control their players for the brawl that followed.

“Referee Stuart Attwell could not do anything about Leeds’ opener — normally it has to be a head injury for the referee to stop play.

“It was a brilliant act of sportsmanship to let Villa walk the ball in.

“And the only one that didn’t seem to understand was Pontus Jansson – it was fantastic to see his own players set him straight.”

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