Grealish opens up on Blues punch

By Graham Hill

JACK Grealish has opened up about THAT punch at Blues and admitted: ‘I couldn’t have cared less – I’d hate to be that guy’.

Grealish could be leading Villa back into the Premier League this month.

But it might have been different for the Villa skipper had his attack by a pitch invader at St Andrew’s in March resulted in a serious injury.

The now infamous incident saw Grealish floored by attacker Paul Mitchell who was jailed for the offence for four weeks.

Grealish received praise for not reacting and says he would have looked ‘an idiot’ had he fought back. The rest is history as he scored the only goal in a 1-0 victory.

But Grealish also confirmed he was attacked by a STEWARD as he celebrated his winner.

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday, Grealish said: “I phoned my parents after the game and they were so emotional,

“My mum said: ‘Jack, imagine if he’d had something on him’ and he easily could’ve done.

“Obviously I’m their son and I’d be the same if I had a son and someone had done that.

“But I couldn’t care less. At the time, I was arguing with one of their players. I told him he was crap or something and the next thing I know, I feel this whack from behind and I swear that the last thing I would’ve thought was that it was a fan.

“I just thought it was a player. Then I turned around and I saw everyone grabbing him and I started laughing.

“I was thinking: ‘This guy, I’d hate to be him”.

“If you’ve got to resort to doing that. Some of the stuff I see fans doing nowadays, racially abusing players, coming on to the pitch, punching players. I don’t see how you can get that low or that psyched up.

What good would it have done if I’d jumped up and tried to go for him? I’d have looked more of an idiot. I sat on the floor and laughed.

“I got in at half-time and I was sitting there and thinking: ‘Jack, please, you have to score, you can’t come off this pitch without scoring.’ And it was 1-0. And it was just my goal that settled it. After the game, that was the best feeling ever.”

Grealish also said he was kicked by a Blues steward.

He added: “He must’ve been a Blues fan and fuming.”

And Grealish also addressed a sick Tweet after that game that referenced the death of his brother Keelan.

Grealish added: ’You know what, I like to think that he didn’t mean it. He’s obviously got some big problems if he has to say that because I genuinely wouldn’t say that to my worst enemy, never mind someone who scored against my football team.

‘That’s just the way some people are nowadays. The fans speaking about it or a fan punching me doesn’t bother me. Nowadays, people do stuff just to get in the limelight.”

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