Shan: ‘We can’t focus on Jack’

By Phil Jennings

WEST Brom boss Jimmy Shan says there is more to Aston Villa than Jack Grealish.

Albion go to Villa on Saturday for the first leg of their play-off semi-final clash – with Dean Snith’s side installed as favourites.

And Shan knows that – while Grealish will be tough to keep under lock and key – Villa have plenty of other threats.

The Baggies caretaker manager told reporters: “We’re looking at stopping Aston Villa, not anyone in particular.

“Jack’s someone who’s had a fantastic season and is a fantastic player.

“They’ve got some great talent throughout their squad and people who can cause problems.

“It would be foolish for us to just steer our focus towards stopping one player because of how much of a threat they are as a team.

“Within that we need to understand the threats individual players have.

“That’s part of preparing your team to make sure you stop them from gaining any dominance or control and ultimately any penetration and scoring goals.”

Shan knows that if he can take a share of the honours at Villa Park that will set Albion up for their home leg.

He added: “We’ll definitely go there with a mentality of winning a game of football.

“But of course you’d take a draw.

“If you can go into the second tie level pegging that gives both teams something to aspire to and something to play for.

“I’ll take a draw but our mentality is to try and gain a win in any game we play.”
Shan says he does not care what the bookies or critics say about Albion’s chances.

He said: “I pay no attention to it whatsoever.

“My best interests are the football club and making sure we prepare ourselves to the best of our ability.

“If people jump in saying West Brom are going to win this or that it would have no bearing on my mentality, thinking or approach.

“We know what we have to be and do. If we can turn up on Saturday and Tuesday and execute that will stand us in good stead.”

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