Smith: ‘More to Villa than Grealish’

By Graham Hill

DEAN Smith says he knows his side are viewed by outsiders as a one man team.

Villa skipper Jack Grealish has inspired Villa to make a dash for the play-offs during March and April.

That also co-incided with Greaklish’s return from three months out with a shin injury.

But while Smith admits the Jack Factor has been huge for Villa, he also knows it is their team ethic that has been the main reason.

Smith knows, however, that Grealish will be seen as their main man.

The Villa boss told reporters: : “Yes, of course. We didn’t win enough games when Jack wasn’t playing.

“Then when he came back we started winning straight away. Jack’s the first one to remind me about that, too!

“But he’s also the first to know, that his intelligence has come on leaps and bounds, and he can’t do the things he does without the team around him.

“The likes of Mings, McGinn, Tuanzebe, a renaissance of Whelan, so to speak, Hourihane’s delivery, El Ghazi…, I could go through them all.

“There’s never been talk from us inside that we’re a one-man team. Tammy gets injured and Jonathan comes in and scored three goals in four games. There’s a good group of players here.”

And Smith says that Grealish has shed his ‘bad boy’ image for good.

He added: “Yes, he’s very popular. He’s popular in and out of the dressing room and with the supporters as well.

“He does a lot of work for charities that people probably don’t see.”

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