Murphy brands Steer as ‘pathetic’

By Graham Hill

DANNY Murphy has branded Villa goalkeeper Jed Steer ‘pathetic’ after the collision with Dwight Gayle that saw the Baggies striker red carded on Saturday.

In his role as a Talksport pundit, Murphy told the Jim White Show that he felt Steer exaggerated the incident in a bid to earn Gayle a second yellow card.

Gayle was sent off by ref Graham Scott and now misses the second leg of the Play-off semi-final with Villa on Tuesday night.

It was a flashpoint that completely changed the outlook of the tie for both sides.

And ex-Liverpool and Fulham defender says that Steer more than played his part.

Murphy said: “The goalkeeper was pathetic, rolling about when he was hardly touched.

“Gayle didn’t do anything. He pulled out. He tried to move his leg out of the way, he moved his boot.”

Pushed on why the yellow card was shown, Murphy added: “The goalkeeper rolling about and the noise from the crowd, he thought he’d done more than he had.

“There’s no way the referee looks back at that and says it’s a yellow card. Gayle should play in the next game and if he doesn’t it’s a travesty.

“I hate it when referees guess and he guessed because of the rolling about from the silly keeper.

“The ref didn’t have a good game and he’s not very good anyway.”

It is not the first time Murphy has found a reason to criticise Villa – but whatever he thinks, the dismissal cannot be overturned as there is no appeal for two yellow cards, only straight reds.

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