Pundit: Jack will join ‘big boys’

By Graham Hill

PUNDIT Martin Allen reckons Jack Grealish will leave Villa eventually for one of the Premier League’s top clubs – even if they are promoted next week.

Speaking to The Final Word on TalkSport, Allen says Grealish will always be a top target.

Tottenham have led the way in the chase for Grealish and would have snapped him up at a knockdown price when Villa were in financial trouble 12 months ago.

Now Villa stand on the verge of a return to the Premier League if they can get past Derby County at Wembley next Monday.

Allen said: ”They’ve got Grealish, he is a good player. He’s a quality player – he’ll be going to the Premier League if they don’t go up.

“If they do go up, I don’t think he’ll be looking to make a move to one of the big Premier League clubs.

“I think he’ll look to stay at Villa and do all he can to keep them in the Premier League. Then perhaps at the end of next season, he maybe looking at it and saying: ’Right, I need to move to one of the big boys now and start to challenge’.

“He’s got so much ability. He’s a better player than what I thought he was.”

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