Petrov: This man can hurt Derby

By Graham Hill

FORMER Villa skipper Stiliyan Petrov says Jack Grealish has the ‘starlight’ to get his side to the Premier League.

Petrov has stayed in close touch with the squad since retiring from the game.

And he says current skipper Grealish is undoubtedly the outstanding player of all who will be involved in the Championship Play-off final against Derby.

He believes Grealish can ‘hurt’ Derby.

Petrov, 39, who was diagnosed with acute leukaemia seven years ago and underwent successful treatment, told the Guardian: “Grealish has been the starlight of Villa. I think if he performs, if he’s at the top of his game, he can produce something from nothing.

“And when you have a player like that, you want him to be there for the best games

“If Derby give Jack a little bit of freedom, he will hurt them. And I think they’re aware of that.

“I think you can see every team now, they try to hurt him from the start. But he’s got great resilience, he’ll get up, he’ll smile and he’ll go again. That’s the strength of Jack.”

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