‘Clubs want Villa to lose points’

By Phil Jennings

VILLA’S Championship rivals want Dean Smith to be handed a points deduction next season if they are found to have broken FFP rules.

Mail Online report that Villa – along with Derby – are operating under a ‘soft’ transfer embago.

Villa were promoted to the Premier League this week and, as a result, are expected to avoid any punishment.

As well as that, Villa have always said they are ‘compliant’ with the regulations even though there are reports of big losses.

Blues were hit with a nine point deduction last season for FFP breaches the previous season.

But the Mail report that the EFL are talking to the Premier League amid concern that there could be lack of consistency in applying the appropriate sanctions.

Championship clubs would like to see consistency should Villa also be found to be in breach of the rules.

Birmingham manager Garry Monk said as much this season without mentioning any club by name.

But clubs are worried that there is ‘a disconnect’ between the EFL and the Premier League.

A source told the Mail: ’The rules are supposed to be aligned across the leagues but there is a concern that the interpretation of those rules is different,’ said one source.

Apparently however, the Premier League are reluctant to hit a newly promoted club with a points deduction before the season has even started.

But the EFL believe the Premier League are sending out the wrong message if a club can dodge punishment and then pick up £170m in TV money.

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