Purslow: ‘Villa were bankrupt’

By Phil Jennings

VILLA Chief Executive Christian Purslow says the club would have been liquidated had it not been for owners Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris.

But Purslow made some huge claims for the future when talking to fans in the US ahead of the friendly match with Minnesota.

Purlslow says Villa fans owe a huge debt of debt of gratitude to Edens and Sawiris.

The duo came In with previous chairman Tony Xia deep in financial trouble after Villa failed to win promotion in the play-off final against Fulham.

The Under A Gaslit Lamp website reported that Purslow said “By the way, Nassef and Wes are coming to the game – if you get the chance give them a little thank you!

“Last July, our football club could not make a £4.1million bill to HMRC, we were bankrupt.

“If these two didn’t put £60million in very quickly, we would’ve been liquidated. We’d have been Glasgow Rangers, we’d be starting again.

“They funded the whole season when we were losing money throughout. We should be so grateful. The only way is up from here.

“I have experience working for a number of different owners, and have strong opinions on what it means to own English football clubs.

“It’s obvious to me that Nassef and Wes have what it takes to be great owners. It’s not just about financial commitment, it extends to wanting to it the right way and handling the institution carefully and professionally.

“I could not feel we could be in better hands. The level of support at every level. I know Dean Smith would agree with me.”

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