Grealish: McGinn is ‘a pleasure’

By Phil Jennings

JACK Grealish believes John McGinn is the best player at Villa Park.

The Villa skipper was interviewed by Sky Sports’ Soccer AM programme and he singled out his pal McGinn for praise.

When asked who he thought the best player at the club was, Grealish replied: “I’d probably say John McGinn, he’s so good.

“He isn’t as good in training as he is on the matchday, he doesn’t like all the little bits, the one-touch, two-touch, little games.

“But on the matchday obviously he is unbelievable. For me to play alongside him is a pleasure.”

Grealish also labelled new £22million striker Wesley as the team’s new hard man – and recalled being on the receiving end of a punch at Blues earlier this season.

He added: “Wesley, the new striker, in our first pre-season game he started fighting straight away with one of the Walsall players!

“But even in training he’s not afraid to throw his body around. He’s come in and let people know he’s here!”

And speaking about being attacked by a fan at St Andrew’s, Grealish added: “I took one last season, a right beauty! Do you know what, I thought it was one of their players at the start!

“But at least we won the game, that was the main thing. I had to laugh it off for a bit, but I was fuming inside, you know the ones!

“I can’t really say it happens in football, because it doesn’t, it’s the last thing I would’ve expected to happen on a pitch. At the end of the day I just wanted to win the game, and we did.”

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