Heaton: We’re going back home

By Phil Jennings

VILLA keeper Tom Heaton says he was ‘stepping into the unknown’ when he signed for Dean Smith.

Heaton, 33, made an impressive debut in goal for Villa at Tottenham on Saturday, and admitted afterwards he feels right at home after leaving Burnley.

He told reporters: “I wouldn’t say I came here with trepidation, just a sense of the unknown. Since setting foot in the building, I have loved every minute so far.

“There’s a real togetherness, even though we have a lot of new players. We’re building that togetherness and it’s a good place to be.

“Having been at Burnley for so long, I think it’s well-known in football how good things are there.

The dressing room was the unique selling point and the reason the team was always greater than the sum of its parts.”

Heaton now has his eyes on Villa’s home game with Bournemouth on Saturday where they will appear in front of their own fans for the first time since being promoted.

The Villa keeper added: “We’re going back home. That’s where we really want to stamp our authority on games.

We tried on Saturday at times. But that was always going to be a different kind of game. Hopefully we’ll start on the front foot and get going then.

“There’s a lot of hunger here. But I know there’s not a lot of Premier League experience. There were moments in Saturday’s game which I am sure we will learn from, key moments and in the Premier League those details count.

“But in terms of ability, the hunger to play at this level, kick on and keep this club in the Premier League and moving up the table, it has been impressive. I am really, really positive for the rest of the season.”

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