Taylor: Villa fights show passion

By Graham Hill

ASTON Villa defender Neil Taylor admits he loves it when his team mates have a bust-up.

But he reckons an apparent head butt from Anwar El-Ghazi on Tyrone Mings crossed the line.

And he admitted there will be talks this week about the incident as Dutchman El-Ghazi came close to being dismissed when it was sent for a VAR review.

Mings and El-Ghazi squared up to each other during Monday’s draw with West Ham at Villa Park.

El-Ghazi reacted furiously when defender Mings gave him a rollocking for not tracking back.

And El-Ghazi stuck his head into Mings’ face during the flare up.

Villa boss Dean Smith and his players were quick to make it known the players made their peace at half-time.

Taylor says it is good when players delver home truths.

But he added: “I like to see two lads arguing.

“I really enjoyed that actually!

“It’s people that care. That’s what matters for me.

“I’d rather that than they let things go

“But if it was a head butt then that’s not what we want to see.

“If he’s done that, then we’re going to talk about it.

“They’re both feisty characters and both big lads. I wouldn’t want to get into the middle of them!

“It was just a bit if a disagreement, one thought one thing, one thought the other at the time.

“They were just showing their passion. I don’t think it was frustration.”

“I haven’t seen one of those for years. But it’s nothing personal, you’re out there to do your job for the club.

“It happens in football, it’s a passionate game.

“And in the dressing room at half time they spoke to each other and it was all settled. They were just trying to do their best.”

Taylor admitted it was not out of character for El Ghazi – but hinted it was a unwise to try and aim his head at the 6ft 5ins Mings.

He joked: “Where did he get him, in the stomach?”

Taylor added: “it’s not out of character. We don’t see it every week to that level.

“But we train together and things happen all the time in football because we’re clashing and working hard.

“These things are not that uncommon but obviously for it to be seen on TV is a little bit different.

“It’s a disappointment for us, but we’ve moved on quickly.”

West Ham skipper Mark Noble admitted he may have caused the clash.

He said: “Tyrone was telling him he wasn’t doing his job and it was me who ran off the back of him. It was probably my fault!

“That’s what happens in games.

“The pressure is on us so much to win games, from everyone, the press, fans, our families and the club.

“That’s what it means to people.”

Taylor says Villa’s foreign signings are still getting to grips with the speed of the Premier League.

The Wales defender added: “When you play abroad the pace of the game is never like that, end to end, basketball. It’s all different to them.

“A lot of these foreign lads will never have seen a game with that pace.

“It can be hard explaining it at times but these lads are all looking for new houses, learning to drive on a different side of the road and the language, everything that comes with settling in. They’re committed lads who train hard every day.

“They are only going to get better.

“The standard of training is right up there because essentially we could put two good teams out there.

“Everyone’s vying for places and training in the week is crucial for you trying to get in the team at a weekend.

“Everything is at a high level and we are all pushing each other. As long as we are pushing each other like that it means we will get results and clean sheets. I don’t mind it.”

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