WELL done Tyrone Mings for stepping up and saying what the rest of us are all thinking.

The on-loan Bournemouth defender is not short of offering up an opinion to the media.

And this week he admitted that the team all need to be ‘pulling in the right direction’.

Strong words from a player who’s only been at Villa Park for a few weeks.

They say sometimes a work in progress needs to be ‘viewed with fresh eyes’.

And that seems to be exactly what Mings is doing here.

It’s interesting that the club also seemed to give their backing to the quotes which appeared in an interview on the official website.

Maybe somebody, somewhere wants the message out there.

Mings is as good a man as any to deliver these home truths.

He is a Premier League player after all and arrived at Villa Park with a decent pedigree and a career hindered only by his injury problems.

And he was quick to point out what might be holding Villa back.

He said: “We need to pull in the same direction and ultimately try and achieve the same goal at the end of it.”

So, is he suggesting that there are people who are not pulling in the same direction?

At the moment, the last couple of results have suggested that.

I honestly hoped that the comeback against Sheffield United at Villa Park would have been the springboard to a revival over the second half of the season.

But the defeats to Brentford and West Brom showed it was merely a false dawn.

On the face of it, the Blades comeback was brilliant, but it was two points dropped and, over the course of the game, probably should have been three.

Of course, Mings has been a part of all this. An impressive debut at Reading seemed to suggest tat Villa’s defensive problems were going some way to being solved.

But I am concerned about the underlying reason for some of those quotes.

“Every player has a responsibility to give their all. That’s all I’m doing. If everyone does their job then hopefully the team will benefit from that.”

Again, there is the suggestion that perhaps everyone is not pulling their weight behind the scenes.

It has been a problem at Villa Park for the past few seasons, we know that only too well.

But if this is there impression Mings gets after being here less than a month, then I worry about what you’d find if you scratched beneath the surface at the moment.